Troop Greeters Museum

The Campaign

The capital campaign planning committee understands that responsible, thoughtful use of campaign dollars must be a priority. Therefore, the budget takes into account construction contingencies and administrative support expenses. The committee also understands that the uses of campaign dollars are intertwined; success with raising funds for exhibits translates into increased demands for raising public awareness. Increased awareness of the museum brings new donors to our cause. The creation of an endowment fund and a planned giving program gives museum leadership the opportunity to plan for long-term exhibit rotation, marketing, and other keys to financial sustainability.

The campaign will provide the resources to:

  • Develop and maintain exhibits
  • Design, develop, and construct a permanent home at Bangor International Airport
  • Position the museum for the future through an endowment fund

Campaign Components:

  • Development and Construction – $300,000
  • Exhibit development and maintenance – $100,000
  • Endowment for the future – $100,000

Total campaign – $500,000