Troop Greeters Museum

The Mission

The Maine Troop Greeters Museum will preserve the thousands of items of memorabilia resulting from the greeting experiences shared by the Troops and Greeters and create a place of healing and remembrance for all who visit.

During the past 12 years of greeting service members, the Maine Troop Greeters have been gifted with thousands of items of memorabilia as tokens of appreciation from the Troops who’ve passed through Bangor. Challenge coins, patches, dog tags, correspondence from family members, flags, service medals, and much more are now part of our history. The Greeters believe these gifts are a tribute not only to our efforts and service to the Troops but also believe that they serve as important reminders of those who’ve sacrificed in service to our country.

We believe we owe a responsibility to all those who have passed through Bangor International Airport to acknowledge the presence of the Greeters, and even more importantly, to remind everyone of the service men and women who have tirelessly fought for freedom in the war on terror during the past 12 years. We owe them a tremendous debt and must never forget their sacrifices or their stories. By remembering the Troops’ contributions and their stories we can continue to honor the trust they placed in us.